Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A scary moment

Mom and dad went to Atlanta this weekend, and on the way down there mom had an awful thought that maybe Josie had gotten locked in the pantry. So mom called our friends Nick and Lindsey to come down and check and see if they could see Josie hanging out by the back door. Luckily they looked in the windows and saw her in the office sleeping in the sun. Boy o'boy mom was so relieved when Nick call and told her that Josie was out and about.

The reason why mom was scared that Josie was locked in the pantry is Josie loves to sneak in there and chew on treat bags. And mom was in such a rush to leave on Friday, she didn't do a proper kitty cat count. Three of us went to the door to say bye, and then once mom was relaxed in the car she started thinking about how she only saw three of us, then the worrying started. But everything turned out ok.

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