Saturday, October 15, 2005

Company for dinner

Mom and Dad had company for dinner, which meant we went into quarantine so that they could eat in peace. Initially, I was allowed to hang out and socialize, because I'm used to having visitors from when I was a kitten, but Huggy and Josie and Maggie were sent straight to the bathroom. Of course, everyone wanted to meet Maggie since she's the new cute one. One lady tried to visit with me, and honestly, I wasn't trying to be rude, but she smelled like dogs and cigarettes so I ran to the chairs around the table and under the tablecloth until Dad put me in their bedroom. The bedroom really wasn't a bad trade off -- with the others in the bathroom I had three hours of lounge-on-the-bed-in-peace-Jasper-time! After the people ate, we were allowed to socialize, and everyone commented on how big Huggy and I are, and how cute the girls are, and Maggie climbed up on one of the chairs and was given a little homemade whipped cream. I think we need to have company more often.

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