Sunday, October 16, 2005

Don't tell Mom

Boy! Dad could get in BIG trouble for this one ... it was a close call.

Today is a beautiful day and when Dad woke up, he decided to open the windows and let some fresh air in. Well, I guess Dad wasn't fully awake yet (we're cats, we can relate to that) and he opened the back sliding glass door to our little patio. Well, remember how we had dinner guests the other night. One of them had gone out back to smoke a cigar and didn't close the screen back, so when Dad opened the door and moved on to some windows, he was slow to realize the back door was WIDE OPEN! So he comes back into the living room and looks and his mind is trying to wrap itself around the strange image of Maggie looking INTO the living room from outside and Huggy being laid out under one of the chairs out back. Luckily, he sprung to action quickly, scooped them both up and shut the door. He did a quick head count (but that really wan't necessary -- Josie and I know better) and then took a few minutes to gather himself. He did praise Maggie and Huggy for staying on the patio and not wander off like they could have, but OH what a scary moment for Dad. Just don't tell Mom ...

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