Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The story of momma cat and the kittens

Well, we now have the complete back story of momma cat and the kittens. Mom and dad met the neighbor Susie the other day and got some information.

When we first moved here, we noticed that there we quite a bit a stray cats who wandered around the apartment complex grounds. This served as quite a source of entertainment for me as I would watch them from inside the apartment. One day, a pretty little stray cat showed up who tended to hang out near our apartment. Mom and dad coined the name "Baby Face" for the cat, since she was slight in build and had a small, almost kitten-like face. Well, they know that they couldn't take in a stray outdoor cat, but were relieved one day when Baby Face showed up wearing a flea collar. This was a sign that someone was taking care of her, and was planning on taking her in. It turns out that our neighbor Susie's boyfriend (Jon?) took Baby Face in. They called her Nubs, I think, but I'll stick with Baby Face for now.

Baby Face enjoyed indoor life, but also longed to be outside. So Jon let her out. Unfortunately, they were a little young and irresponsible and never had her "fixed" so Baby Face became pregnant. She came back to Jon and Susie, and had the kittens in their apartment. It turns out that they also have a siamese cat, and the siamese did not appreciate the sudden invasion of the kittens. So the neighbors set the kittens on the back porch and fed them and cared for them. They soon began exploring and ventured around to the breezeway between the apartments, where we became accustomed to seeing them.

We have put the kittens in a large pet carrier for the night, and mom and dad will be taking them to a place where they will essentially wnter foster care for the kittens until someone adopts them. We will most likely be bringing in the little black and white kitten who very much resembles mom's old cat Fluffy. Our really nice neighbors upstairs Nick and Lindsey plan to adopt gray striped. That leaves the two very cute black kittens. Unfortunately, we cannot take in momma cat, but she is again wearing her collar, so hopefully Jon and Susie are planning on taking her back in and will get her fixed this time. We went ahead and put the kittens in the carrier tonight because the management at the complex has put out cat traps, and we would hate for some unfortunate fate to come upon them.

So that's the story for now. Thanks for reading and I will have more tales for you later, after a catnap.

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