Sunday, November 14, 2004

...and then there were two.

Curly was adopted this weekend! It turns out the lady who told us Curly was a boy now seems to think Curly is a girl. Curly's new name will be Madison and will have a little playmate named Elmo.

Mom and dad had mixed feelings, more happy than sad, but they were fond of Curly and are glad that Curly is now in a good, permanent home.

There was still interest in Frisky, the gray striped boy. He is very playful and energetic, characteristics which may have torpedoed him the first week. But he is a guy's cat, and mom and dad are optimistic that the boys will find homes soon. They are on the Pet's Inc. website (incorrectly listed as the Rocky Mountain kittens ... should be Smokey Mountian). Keep your fingers crossed for these little guys.

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