Friday, November 05, 2004

Fleas flee

The flea infestation was much worse than we had imagined. The Borax in the carrier wasn't doing the trick. Thank goodness mom and dad are keeping me far far away from those kittens right now. They took the kitten back to the shelter and the kittens got a bath in an anti-flea shampoo that puts most of the fleas to sleep. Then they spent the next two hours combing through the four kittens looking for fleas. The saddest part is that when they kittens are submerged up to their faces, the fleas climb to their faces and get in their eyes and ears and nose. Poor things. Mom and dad also picked up Capstar and used that to get the last few fleas off. Turns out that "last few" was another 50+ fleas that the kittens scratched off ... dead, thankfully. So the apartment has been sprinkled completely with Borax and vacuumed, and will get another once over every day for the next few days to ensure we win this battle. Fleas have now replaced roaches as my most hated insect. (Because fleas aren't nearly as fun to hunt as roaches.)

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