Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Happy to have them back

The happiest part of a Happy Thanksgiving for us is when Mom and Dad come back home. Mom and Dad traveled up to Richmond, Va, to visit Dad's grandmother, who is 96 years old. Most of Dad's family converged on Richmond from Cincinnati, Knoxville and London, England so Dad's mother and father, sister and her husband (and dog), brother and his wife and 3/5 of their kids, and his cousin who lives in England now were all there. They had a really nice visit, and got to see Nanny's new place. At 96 she just moved from independent living to assisted living in her retirement community, and even then the people at the retirement community were resistant because "there's nothing wrong with you." She has balance issues when standing, but is otherwise healthy, and there's little more you could ask for than that.

Dean and Nanny
Here's Dad with his grandmother.

Homecomings are wonderful things because we get to put our stink back on Mom and Dad.

Josie is happy to have Dad's lap back
Josie wasted no time claiming Dad's lap. Of course, Mom and Dad were also happy to be back in their own space and catching up on TV shows.

Jasper's happy we are home
My favorite spot is between Mom and Dad's pillows with my head resting on Mom's pillow. They travel with their pillows so it was nice to have these back.

Snuggling with Mom and Dad
I even let Maggie curl up near me. She was tucked right against Dad in this picture.

Cutie doughnut
Mom and Dad brought back some doughnuts from Dixie Doughnuts in the Carytown district in Richmond. This one was our favorite because it looked like a cat. Unfortunately we didn't get to eat any of them.

Huggy Bear loves the cat bed
Huggy Bear was happy to have Mom and Dad home. He worries a lot about them, so once they were home he could relax in a ray of sun that was hitting the cat bed.

The clown stowed aboard
Also, there was a scary clown...


Gemini and Ichiro said...

I am always pleased when the Woman comes back. Less so when the Male does...

Summer at said...

OMC, I hope that clown did not follow them home!

Ivan and Izzy from WMD said...

How nice that your mom and dad had a big family Thanksgiving!

I'm glad the clown didn't cause them to have an accident.

The Island Cats said...

We're glad your mom and dad are home again...but not that crazy clown!