Friday, September 09, 2011

Mo Cats Day

I almost forgot today was Mo Cats Day! I can't imagine how boring the internets would be without us. I mean, really!?!


On a more serious note, we're sending purrs to Beau's family. His Mom passed away at 49 -- way too young...


Sweet Purrfections said...

What are we going to do with your dad and mom? They are getting slack.

Mom Paula was very sad when she read about Cathy last night on FB. Cathy would always talk to my mom through instant message on FB and comfort my mom when my sister-before-me, Sweet Praline, was ill.


The Island Cats said...

Happy Mo' Cats Day!

And we are very sad that Beau's mom has passed away. So very sad....

=^..^= said...

We haf sent our purrs to poor Beau. He must be missing his Mom so much.

~Slash & Bronzy

Shaggy and Scout said...

Mom talked to her on the phone 8 days before she passed away. She sounded fine, we talked about her recent medical struggles and how a medication botch up gave her painful itchy hives. Apparently that med shouldn't have been taken with one she was already on. She started a new antibiotic and was hopeful that would take care of the infection. The only time she cried was when she talked about Beau if she should die. It was in her will that Beau go to her sister, and was worried her sister might adopt him out because he was always hissy to her when she'd visit. He was very protective of Cathy whenever anyone would come into the apartment, especially men. She had to shut him in the bedroom. It stemmed from a break in years ago when Beau was home and she wasn't. Anyway, she had him since he was 6 weeks old and each one was the others life. I hope Beau is adjusting. To have her gone must be traumatizing for him, but maybe it was best she went at home so he could be there.
Coming on the heels of Sue Jackson's death, this is a bit much. *tears*