Friday, July 10, 2009

Moving Aunt Tiff

Aunt Tiff is moving into her own place this week, which is exciting for her, but a little sad for us. That's one fewer person to give us treats and pets and squeezes. On Friday, Mom and Dad helped Aunt Tiff move her bigger items over to the house she's renting. On the very last run, moving the very last large heavy box, the ramp on the U-Haul wobbled and Mom took a tumble and landed hard on her left elbow. It's pretty painful and swollen and she can't straighten it all the way, or bend it up all the way. So tomorrow they're going to Dad's office to get an x-ray. Keep your paws crossed that it's just a bad bad bump and not broken.

Update: Mom's elbow is feeling better this morning. She's been icing it a lot, and Dad wrapped it for her last night (only one clumsy bump to Mom's elbow while wrapping it) and can move it better today. If it's still giving her trouble she may still go get an xray, but for right now she's feeling better. And yes, Aunt Tiff is only about 10 minutes away, and will surely be by for dinner.

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