Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Looking out for me

Mom and Dad try to be cautious of my feelings. Huggy Bear, Maggie and Josie really enjoy treats -- HB and Maggie the most. I'm slower to eat them, if I eat them at all. Mom and Dad even went out and bought treats they knew I liked and keep them back just for me. But sometimes I just don't feel like them. Dad tries to distract Maggie and HB from me to give me time to decide if I'm going to eat them, but then he feels bad when he eventually gives up and Maggie nuzzles under me and eats my treats. I guess he doesn't realize that I'm letting them eat my treats because I'm nice, and finicky. Now I will eat them right away if they put the treats with my dry food, but that's different. That's more of an appetizer. But since we've moved to the house and I've been doing the stairs, I've lost some of my belly and I can't go snacking on every treat put in front of me like skinny Maggie can, so I let her eat and think, "Plump up, little one... plump up."

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