Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dad's lessons

Dad shared his lessons from painting the kitchen. His top three were about us...
1) If you leave the paint pan out, a cat will eventually put a paw in it.
2) Even if you close the air vent, air will still blow the drop cloth, and the cats will attack it.
3) A drop cloth with holes in it from being attacked by cats at some point stops serving its role as a drop cloth.

It was Huggy Bear who decided to sample the red paint. His paw prints were noticed quickly and Mom snagged him after only one step on the carpet, which was cleaned right away. As for the drop cloth, come on, what do they expect? It taunted us over and over so we had to slay it.

I promise pictures soon of the slaying of the drop cloth. Dad should finish the kitchen tonight (finally) and he can help me post pictures then.

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