Friday, July 07, 2006

Maggie's rose

In mid-spring, Mom and Dad went to a flower sale the botanical garden at the zoo was having. They went with nothing in particular in mind, but ended up coming home with a nahdful of plants: four ornamental peppers that ended up in one pot and are beautiful, an oriental lantern plant that has outgrown their expectations, and two roses. Their favorite is the one Maggie is sniffing ... it's called "Maggie Rose" and has just bloomed! This is why Maggie got a rare visit to the back porch. She checked out the rose, then got a little squirmy so she had to go back in, but it was so nice that she got to check out her rose. I'm holding out for an orange "Jasper Rose" but I may have to settle for some lantana. Really, we're just glad that the roses are surviving in all the heat and severe weather we've been having. But isn't she just so sweet? Hopefully this rose will end up a big blooming bush in our yard one day. Posted by Picasa

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