Monday, July 17, 2006

Dungeons & Kittens

Sammy over at Meezer Tails told of being trapped in the dungeon the other day and it reminded me of our friend's house. They were a three cat family and moved into a house whose previous owner also had cats. Their mud room stepped down from the kitchen two steps and had a coat closet at the bottom of the steps. The other owner had cut a small cat hole in the wall into the coat closet and kept their litter box in the closet. This was a neat idea, except you entered to the lovely scent of stinky box. So our friend's dad got creative and cut a second hole -- this one from the inside of the closet to the basement with a "cat walk" leading down to the litter box area. It was really neat and a creative way to make a litter area that works for us cats and our people. Plus they got to play in the basement whenever they wanted.

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