Sunday, December 11, 2005

Josie didn't share

The other day, it was raining, raining real hard. As part of raining hard in South Carolina it means we get an extra bug to hunt. It's just a fact of living in the South. Well, the other day, Dad opens the pantry door, and down drops something dark. Quickly, Dad sees it is a little roach. Well, Dad shoos it toward Josie for her to wrangle while he gets a paper towel to grab it and flush it, but then, as Dad goes to get it, Josie picks it up in her mouth and runs into the bathroom and plays with it some. So Dad comes in thinking, thanks for bringing it to the toilet so I can flush it. But Josie has no intention of playing Dad's version of "roach" and she picks it up and runs off again. Dad persued her a few more times, until he finally realized that that was Josie's roach, 100 percent, and that he'd best just wait and pick up the pieces later.

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