Monday, December 12, 2005

Closet climber

When Dad came home from work, he opened the closet to change clothes and I hopped into the back of the closet to one of my favorite spots -- and one spot that is JUST MINE. So Dad leaves the closet door cracked, and what happens? Josie comes in first and pulls out one of the weights Mom and Dad use when they walk on the treadmill (one pound, or 1/7 of her weight!), then later Josie is hopping around in the closet like she's trying to get on a box. And what does Dad see when he looks in? Maggie, of course! All the way at the top, among all the towels -- lots of towels... -- I'm amazed she didn't bring them down. She was purring so loud I'm surprised Dad didn't find her from that.

Update: Later, Dad looked in the closet and a bunch of towels were down. Not saying Maggie did it, but ... Posted by Picasa

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