Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Two more kittens go to a good home

The other night, this nice man and his wife and their son and daughter came and took home two more kittens. They had recently moved back to South Carolina from Germany and weren't able to bring their cats with them, so they were eager to adopt a few kittens. They almost took three, but we're happy they took two. They took Spot, who was such a lover, and Harry, who was what Dad called a "free spirit." I think the son liked Harry's energy. Spot and Paul both fell asleep in their arms, which is why we thought they may take all three, but Paul is hanging out with Maggie as her eye still tries to heal. She has an ulcerated cornea, but she can see and plays hard and wrestles and hunts. But it looks like Mom will be taking her to the vet tomorrow to see what else can be done for her eye. Once she is healthy, we hope to find homes for these last two so they have a permanent place to call their own and get love.

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