Friday, August 12, 2005

Tough day

Mom and Dad ended up taking little Maggie kitten to the vet today. He was so, so nice and obviously has a great heart and Mom and Dad are very happy they ended up there. But, as we feared, Maggie is going to lose her right eye. The retina prolapsed and she's been blind in that eye for a while, so once it is removed and cleanly stitched, she'll be good as new and simply look like she's winking. It won't be any change for her, since her eye has been bad for the past few weeks. Mom and Dad just hate that it came to this. But considering there were moments when Mom and Dad feared she wouldn't pull through the initial illness, this is really a blessing. On the bright side, Dad's cousin Kerry lives in town and he mentioned Maggie to her and she's thinking of giving her a home, which would be such a weight off of Mom's mind and heart, knowing she's in a good home and that they could visit.

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