Friday, February 25, 2005

My story

When I first started this blog several months ago, I intended to write a little bit about my kittenhood. But when we got involved with the new kittens, they occupied the majority of my attention on the blog and I haven't written much about my past. I'll keep this initially brief...

My mom and dad were living in Iowa, where they attended chiropractic college, when they adopted me. They lived in Davenport, Iowa, which is on the Mississippi River bordering Illinois. I was born in a "no kill" shelter in Illinois. My mother had been brought in pregnant, and I was one of a litter of seven. My mother was a manx (the short-tailed cats), so I must resemble my dad. When mom and dad came to the shelter, I was the last of my litter. We had just been put up for adoption that week.

When mom and dad came in, they viewed many of the other kittens, most of which were not available for adoption. Once they brought me out, it was love at first sight. I climbed all over mom, perching on her shoulder like a parrot, sniffing and purring into her ear, and when they set me back in the cage, I climbed the cage door and called for them. Right away they knew that I was the one.

We went home that day, and I ws slowly introduced to the house, first in the bathroom, and later being allowed to explore the whole house. (Yeah, I ate the adapter to the phone that first day, but I was just exploring ... that was before dad figured out how to slice wires back together.)

Ironically, a friend of a friend adopted my mother from the shelter the next day. It's a small world. I'm so glad she found a good home.

Occasionally, mom and dad would put me in a harness and "walk" me outside so I could experience some of the outside world, but in the big picture, I have always been an indoor cat. I've never had to scavenge like the kittens, so I don't harrass mom and dad at dinner time. But I appreciate what I have been given. Mom and dad keep me very safe and comfortable and secure. Earlier, I wrote of our misadventures of moving to South Carolina. Since moving here, I have enjoyed more time in open windows than in Iowa, and have welcomed in these to kittens, who have added so much joy to my life. I have lots of "kitten" stories of my own I can tell, and I will save those for another night. All this typing is making my paws sore, and I know long blog entries get to be a bit much to read... goodnight.

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