Thursday, February 17, 2005

The move

Ginger commented that she had moved a few miles a while ago, so I thought I'd briefly tell of our move. On the ride from Iowa to South Carolina, I rode with dad in the Ryder truck and we followed mom's car. Somehow, we ended up with a truck with no heat, in the winter, in Iowa! Don't even ask me what that was about. I'm not a big fan of the automobile and much prefer a comfortable home. So the 20 hour drive South was not a lot of fun for me. Most of the trip, I was laying as flat as possible under the couch seat of the truck at dad's feet. Dad tried to get me to drink some water, but I was so stressed that I dehydrated myself. We spent the night in a "pet friendly" hotel (translates to "smells like dog") that freaked me out even more. You can only imaging how thankful I was to get to our new home. Mom and dad were very worried about me, but I bounced back very quickly once I felt secure again. But I've never been back in a car since!

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