Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wild Insect Kindgom at our house

We have had a crazy rainy summer and it has turned our house into a Wild Insect Kingdom.

Giant moth
The other night Mom and Dad were playing on the Wii (Lego Harry Potter) when they noticed this giant moth. At first Mom questioned if it was a bat, but no, it was a moth.

Maggie and the giant moth
For the most part we ignored it, but Maggie did give it a passing glance. The thing is as big as her head!

Awesome spider on our front porch
Every year our beautiful yellow writing spider returns. He is usually in the shrubs, but this year he decided to make camp on the cafe table in the front porch. Look at that amazing web!

My favorite spider
He really is something to behold.

Spider close-up
Part of me wants to "play" with him, but I'm afraid it would end poorly.

Lizard on the front porch
Of course, this isn't an insect, but we had a lizard visitor the other day, too. He stayed away from the garage so we didn't get to hunt him.

But Josie did get to catch a roach in the house the other day. (Just reality of living in South Carolina. Rarely happens to up, but it happens.) But Dad was quick and made her give it to him before she could eat it. She did get a bunch of treats for being an excellent huntress, though.


A Tonl said...

HOLY CAT! We don't have near the wildlife you guys have! A-MEOW-zing!

Summer at said...

WOW, that moth was HUGE! I LOVE moths, and that one would have made a really tasty meal! The ones here are only snack-sized.

Photo Cache said...

kitty zoo at your house. how fun. we don't see much in our house, although some blue jays come outside the back door. that's all our entertainment.

Emma and Buster

Ivan and Izzy from WMD said...

You have some very fun creatures at your place! I have a pet lizard who stays outside, but I haven't seen much of her lately. But no moths or pretty spiders. Thankfully, we only get the occasional roach in the garage (they're a fact of life here, too), but we don't go in there.

Last year I had a centipede, but that shocked Mom so much she screamed when she saw it. She caught him in a glass and drove him far, far away and turned him loose. We think he came in on some produce and was just as dismayed to find himself here.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Jasper, you get some serrious critters in your nighborhood.

That moth might be fun to chase, but that spider looks a littel TOO serrious for us to mess with.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

OMC! That moth is ginormous!!! The spider gave mum goose bumps.