Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Contractors coming

The contractors will start next week to repair the damage from the pipe breaking. We are not real excited about the pending exile to the back room, but we will be happy when the work is done and the house is put back together.

In the meantime, Mom and Dad are working on The Color Purple at Mom's theatre, and they have been very busy and coming home late. That is unacceptable, but should get better soon, too.


Sweet Purrfections said...

Good luck with the repairs. We are beginning to think your mom and dad are away as much as Mom Paula.

Summer at said...

When the old house was being worked on, more often than not, WE got to supervise the workers! That was sort of fun.

Jasper McKitten-Cat said...

I wish we got to snoopervise. But they will be in and out, and Mom's afraid the door will be left open. And if we got out and got lost that would be worse than any water damage to the house ever could be.