Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wild Sunday

We had a very wild Sunday. Earlier in the evening Mom let us in the garage. It wasn't two minutes later she glanced in the garage and called to Dad, "There's a dead lizard in the garage!" And then she shut the door with us out there. So Dad gears up with some paper towels to dispense of the dead lizard, but when he opens the door there's no lizard. "It must not have been dead," he told Mom as he stepped into the garage to investigate. Well, after my ordeal of being locked in the garage over night last week, I wasted no time busting into the house. Then Josie was right behind me. Good thing Mom was paying attention because she called for Dad, "Josie's got it in her mouth!" Josie was trying to bring the dead lizard into the house to show Mom and Dad. Well, Dad scooped her up and she put the lizard down for him in the garage. Sure enough, Josie had found a small skink and played with it until it broke. She is a very good huntress.

Josie broke her skink
Here is the broken skink. You can understand why Mom didn't want this in the house. It was about four inches long minus the tail. (Dad never found the tail.)

Well, this was just the beginning of the adventures on Sunday. Later that night our friend Samantha came over to ride bikes with Mom. But Samantha was feeling guilty about not spending time with her crazy dog Louie. So Dad offered to walk Louie while they rode bikes. That was fine, I guess, if Dad wants to show some pity to a dog. But then, after the rides and walk, Mom, Dad, Samantha and Louie all went to the back deck to hang out, enjoy the nice night and talk.

The cats aren't too happy about Louie visiting
I'm not sure how clear it is in this picture, but we do not approve. We disapprove like a rabbit disapproves. Josie got up against the door and whapped the door while hissing. I was very puffed up and roaming the back of the couch patrolling. Maggie was the only one who really didn't seem too concerned. I think we made it clear that dogs are not welcome on our back deck, or in our house. We were getting so agitated that Dad actually took us to the bathroom so we could calm down. When we came out later Louie was gone. Apparently he likes to be chased by cats. He thinks it's a funny game. All I have to say to Louie is this: look at that skink and consider yourself warned. (OK, he is cute, I'll give him that...)


Gemini and Ichiro said...

Wow! You all are having some exciting times around your house. What fun to play with a real live until it was dead lizard!

Summer at sparklecat.com said...

My human was so sad you guys killed the skink! She loves lizards almost as much as she loves cats. In fact, the cat before me used to bring them home to her - alive! (Birds, squirrels and mice were usually not so fortunate.)

Me? I think it was an awesome catch - plus I really think you showed that Louie who was boss!

Ivan and Izzy from WMD said...

I used to have lizard friends who visited at the house, and only one here so far (she was on our balcony wall!), but I've never actually played with any. I'd probably do the same thing, though.

But the whole d*g thing: SHUDDER!

Shaggy and Scout said...

4 inches minus the tail!!!! Our mom would scream every time one of those would skitter across the floor, we guarantee that! That would hurt our ears, so we are glad we don't have lizards skittering around to set her off.
From the purely cat point of view: Good Huntin' Josie!!!!! Whoo Hoo!