Monday, December 21, 2009

Maggie Monday

Maggie and I helped with the gift wrapping this weekend. Maggie decided the scraps of paper left over made a good toy, and lucky for her Mom and Dad agreed.

Maggie swatting at a paper ball
Mom and Dad took turns throwing the ball to Maggie. Sometimes she would bat it back at them, sometimes she would catch it in mid-air. In this one, she's twisting around to get the ball.

Batted down
Here's Maggie demonstrating her bat down technique.

And this is the mid-air catch. I like this game too, but only when I'm all by myself. Maggie's pounced me a few too many times in mid-catch for me to relax and play with her around. But everything she knows, she learned from me.

*Christmas card update*
Mom has been a slacker, but she finally has Christmas cards that should be going out before Christmas, and arriving before New Year's. (She says she's been real busy "working" -- whatever that means. I think it's code for "neglecting the cats.")

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