Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wordy Wednesday and Kiss the cat

I learned today from Free Kibble Kat that "In the 16th century, anyone visiting an English home would kiss the family cat to bring good luck." Maybe that's why Mom and Dad are always giving us kisses.

This was supposed to be a wordless Wednesday post, but it didn't get done, and I had some tattling to do today. But Tattle Tail Wednesday just didn't have the right ring to it so it's a Wordy Wednesday instead.

Anyway, in the morning Maggie likes to "help" Dad eat his cereal as he reads the news and morning comics online. Well, as the breakfast goes on, Dad eventually ends up holding his cereal bowl to keep Maggie out of it. This morning, Maggie got on Dad's lap and rose up right under the bowl and made Dad spill his milk. Now, there was no crying over the spilled milk, but there was some cleaning up. Fortunately Dad has learned and wasn't dressed for work yet. And Maggie still got to drink some milk and even ate a Cheerio or two. She is such a stinker, and gets rewarded for it. Sisters!

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