Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jasper in the sink

It's been pretty hot these past few days, and even though we have air conditioning I still think it's important to find a good cool place to hang out. I have a few favorite spots, but the sink has got to top them all.

Jasper enjoying the sink
Here I am with my classic "turn off that light" pose. It tends to work real well for napping in the middle of the day when the big window is allowing lots of afternoon sun in.

Thanks for all the visits and comments lately. I know this is becoming a refrain, but I haven't been visiting as much as I like and it means so much that my cat friends still pop over and visit. I'm not ignoring you, really. There just seems to be less free time for Mom and Dad to help me visit blogs (unfortunately I do need their thumbs). But we're working on their time management.

I wanted to respond to a couple of comments from yesterday's Wordless Wednesday. I was playing with Mom when the pictures were taken. These were two of a series of pictures of me. I was trying to get the camera strap while Mom was trying to get a picture of me. I think we both had fun, but I think I had more fun. Also, the spots on my nose are freckles and not scratches. Mom and Dad were very concerned when I was a kitten because of a large spot on my lip. But then they learned that freckles are common on orange kittens.

Thanks for all the nice comments ... I appreciate my cat blog friends more than I can really say.

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