Friday, July 13, 2007

The stroller

I've talked about our stroller several times, but I realized I haven't posted any pictures of us with the stroller. I am still cautious about the whole thing. Dad tried to show off and put me in it, but I was a Jasper in the Box and sprung right back out of it.

Maggie really has taken to the stroller and will nap in it and play in it. Here, I think she got a little confused and climbed on top of it instead!

Huggy Bear tried out the stroller once. He's almost as cautious as I am about it. Mom and Dad are trying to leave it sitting out so we can get used to it. HB did stay in for a little while, until Josie came and took his spot.

You can see little Josie here, napping in the stroller (just on the edge of the frame is Maggie, wondering what Josie is doing). There is a front, back and top entrance to the stroller compartment, with netting almost all the way around so we can see. There's a sun roof for Mom and Dad to look in on us and even a place for treats. Once it cools down again, I think Mom and Dad will try another short walk with us.

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