Friday, March 09, 2007

Maggie vs. Iced Tea

Last night, Maggie had some issues with Dad's iced tea. He had placed a glass on the floor by the sofa, and Maggie ran past playing ball and barrelled over the glass, spilling tea everywhere. Dad cleaned it up, shaking his head but knowing it was his fault. While Dad was cleaning up, Mom got a phone call so Dad fixed a second glass of tea and came upstairs to the computer to read his comics. Maggie followed and chaos ensued. Maggie was persistent in her pursuit of the ice cubes in Dad's drink. Dad gave her a cube in the tub for her to play with, but that did not pacify her. Finally, Dad had the glass on the desk supported by one hand when Maggie jumped up. Dad used his other hand to get Maggie from the desk, and with the last hair of her paw she managed to tip Dad's tea all over the desk, the keyboard, Dad and the floor. Expertly done, but Dad was not pleased. He even raised his voice at Maggie, although I think he was more upset with himself for having drink around the computer to begin with. Everything cleaned up fine (although Mom found more tea this morning) and no important papers were destroyed, but I think we all learned a lesson from this. (Dad's lesson, don't have tea around the computer. Maggie's lesson, persistence pays off, although I think there could be another lesson for her in there somewhere.)

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