Monday, November 06, 2006

Mom and Dad return

Mom and Dad went up to Tennessee this weekend to the mountains and visited with Dad's parents. At Christmas, Dad's parents and sister will be coming to visit us instead! This will be the first time we meet Aunt Kelly ... we know she's excited. Even though she has a dog, we're excited about meeting her, too.

When Mom and Dad were driving though the mountains, they saw three black bears (not three black Huggy Bears...) all up in a tree. Some crazy people were actually out of their cars and trying to get pictures. Dad took a drive-by picture that I'll try to zoom in on and post later, but Mom and Dad were both thinking, "If there are three babies, there a mom around here too," so they didn't stop.

It's fine when Mom and Dad go for a weekend or so. Usually someone checks in on us (make sure we're not throwing a party...) but we are happy that Mom and Dad are back home.

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