Thursday, October 19, 2006

In the garage

Mom and Dad had been letting me go into the garage for brief visits over the past week or so. Dad will walk with me as I explore the nooks and crannies. I've found an old plant that I can eat and the concrete is cool to lay on. My old plant stand I like to sleep in is still out there (when are they bringing that back into the house?) and there are also stacks of boxes and old tables with drop cloths over them that I can go under. Last night, all four of us we released to explore the garage. It was so much fun, even though I was giving up my turf to share ... I explored a little but then laid back on the floor to show that this was old hat to me. Meanwhile, Josie and Maggie explored around the front to the far side and HB started around the backside instead. Eventually Dad started to round us up. HB and I kept trying to slip back in (I'm getting my timing down with Dad's gait coming through the door). Now I sit by the garage door and beg for Dad to let me back out there. He tries to appease me with treats, but I'm having none of it ... I want my own kitty door to the garage!

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