Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Maggie versus Mom

Oh I thought Mom was going to get Maggie last night. At 3 a.m., Maggie got something in her system and wouldn't let it go ... she started clawing and picking at the carpet of Mom and Dad's bedroom doorway. She was digging and picking so much she pulled some clumps of carpet up and woke Mom. So first Mom sprays the Bitter End, but it's old and weakened and doesn't really faze Maggie. So she keeps digging. Then Mom decides she'll sit in bed and shoot Maggie with the water bottle. Well, Maggie just goes to the other side of the wall and keeps picking at the carpet. Mom tried covering the spot with shoes ... Maggie pulled them away. Finally Mom covered the spot with a heavy rug, some shoes and another rug. I think by that point, Maggie had about worn herself out anyway, and Mom swept her up, slipped her under the covers and Maggie fell asleep between Mom and Dad. First thing this morning Mom and Dad clipped her nails. I say it's just a good thing she's cute.

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