Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Oh no ... Momma cat had kittens

Well, we knew it was coming, what with the neighbors not taking proper care to spay Momma cat. This morning, Momma cat wandered onto our porch with a couple of kittens exploring safely behind. Another orange, short-haired cat accompanied them. While none of the kittens resembled this orange cat, we assume maybe he's dad. Hard to tell with all the free-range cats in the apartment complex. The kittens haven't returned yet today, but mom and dad are concerned that this is a trend that must be stopped. Our apartment backs into some woods, and we suspect that Momma cat has been staying in the woods and the kittens have been there with her. we hope this is the case, so they can learn to thrive on their own, explore new terrain, and be safe from the occasional traps the apartment management sets.

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