Thursday, December 16, 2004

Kittens behaving nicely

The kittens are being so good. I'm impressed thast neither of them have tried to bring the Christmas tree down. Every once in a while, Bullet (aka. Huggy Bear, Baby Bear) will sit on the window sill next to the tree and bat at one of the limbs, making the ornaments jingle slightly. But dad will nicely place him elsewhere and he will go play with a ball instead.

Last night, both babies slept with mom and dad for most of the night.

The current issue is food. Bullet still likes to stalk mom and dad while they eat. At first, they would remove him and put him in the office with Josie so they could play. Now, they are just teaching him not to put his nose in their food. After a minute, he settles down and just visits. Josie has already learned that their food is not for her.

Mom and dad are struggling with us eating the proper food. Since I am a two-and-a-half year old cat, I usually eat Purina's Indoor Cat Food Formula. The kittens are supposed to be eating the Kitten Chow so they can grow big. Well, to mom and dad's frustration, I prefer Kitten Chow, and the kittens prefer Indoor Formula. Ahh... what are you gonna do?

Josie just finished a brief battle with the water dispenser. It appears she was inticed my the moving water in the jug, and decided to attack it. She got a little wet, but I think she's satisfied with her "victory."

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