Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tabby Tuesday (and the boys)

Well, we were a little absent the last few days over the long holiday. Was it because Mom and Dad went away on vacation? No. Was it because they were out doing all kinds of stuff? No. Was it because they were lazy and didn't let me get on the computer? Yes.

But during their laziness and football-watching marathon, they did some crafting too. Mom made a bunch of handmade cards, which is her favorite craft project to do.

HB helping with stamps
Huggy Bear was very good about snoopervising. While he would hover very near the projects, he never got in Mom's space. He even resisted chewing on the ribbon.

Maggie licking tape
Maggie, on the other had, took any opportunity she could to get in Mom's chair, or to lick the tape. Yes, she's a tape licker. Do any of you guys do this? I can't figure it out, but she just can't get enough. She likes to lick tape and photos. She's weird.

Jasper helping with cards
Now, it may look like I'm impeding Mom's work a little by stretching out on her workspace, but really, I'm helping her pick out which stamps to use. Here, I'm reminding her about a stamp set that she forgot she had. (She's waiting to use these next time, but she appreciated my help.)

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