Monday, September 08, 2008

Mancat Monday

Huggy Bear understands that being a mancat means helping Mom with projects, and that there's nothing un-mancatly about helping Mom. In fact, he's learning that it is very mancatly to help Mom.

Huggy Bear's lap desk
Mom likes to use her lap desk for projects when she's upstairs in the bedroom. She likes to spread her stuff out on the bed so she can see everything. Huggy Bear likes to spread himself out on the lap desk so it doesn't go anywhere.

Huggy Bear helping Mom (1)
Mom will cut articles out of her magazines and keep them in three-ring binders so she doesn't have stacks of magazines lying around the house. Here's Huggy Bear inspecting one of the sheets.

Huggy Bear helping Mom (2)
If you biggify this picture you can see that it is a recipe for grouper. At first I think Huggy Bear thought this was a big party, which he was excited about since his birthday is coming up, but then he learned that it is a type of fish, and he was even more excited about that.

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