Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tattle Tail Tuesday

Well, this is where you might normally expect to see a Tabby Tuesday or a Tuxie Tuesday, but since this is the Week of Jasper today is a Tattle Tail Tuesday instead, and boy do I have a beef with Mom. You see, Aunt Tiff came for a visit this weekend for Dad's birthday (I have a really cute picture of her with Maggie, but this is the Week of Jasper and I can't derail it with a Maggie picture, no matter how cute it is -- it will just have to wait for next week.) When she arrived she had this action figure for Mom. It is a Crazy Cat Lady action figure. Unknowingly, Aunt Tiff busted Mom, because plain as day, all of our likenesses are there along with the crazy cat lady. I think Mom has sold our likenesses to this action figure company and is keeping the cash monies all for herself.

Jasper inspecting action figure Jasper
I inspected this very closely, and I'm pretty sure this is me.

Crazy Cat Lady action figure front
If you look you'll even see, along with me in the lower right, Josie (top right), Huggy Bear (middle right) and Maggie (middle left) all represented and not compensated. I think we're going to have to talk to Mom about this, for sure.

Crazy Cat Lady action figure back
On the back there is a checklist to let you know if you are a crazy cat person (like there was ever any doubt). Click to biggify it on Flickr if you can't read it.

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