Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #34 -- Stroller ride

I really can't believe it's been over a month since my last Thursday Thirteen. Thursdays have turned into a bit of a catch-all day for awards and updates and giving thanks lately. But I'm back on track with the Thursday Thirteens, I think.

Maggie and Josie have been alternating going for walks with Mom and Dad. This really helps Mom and Dad stay motivated in their goal to walk more.

Maggie rides in her stroller
Here are thirteen things that Maggie and Josie have experienced during their recent walks.

1. Mom and Dad went for a walk Friday afternoon with Josie. A neighbor's dog had gotten out from the fence and came to visit Dad.
2. The dog wanted to visit Josie but Mom wouldn't let her.
3. But Josie did meet a nice neighbor lady and her two boys.
4. Then a light rain started and Josie scooted into the back of the stroller to stay dry.
5. Josie's walk was cut a little short because of the rain, but she got extra treats when she got home for getting misted on.
6. Tuesday night is the night before trash day, so Maggie got to sniff all kinds of stinky trash cans.
7. Her walk was a little longer than Josie's and she got to sniff the air on the street where a lot of dogs live.
8. Maggie hasn't seen any dogs on her walks recently.
9. She did get to see a big dummy driving way to fast up the street.
10. For walks when it gets a little dark Mom and Dad have a headlamp attached to the stroller so Maggie has some extra light.
11. Maggie likes to sniff the air on her walks and she also likes to curl up on her Kitty Kozy during her rides.
12. At first she freaked out when she was reintroduced to going for walks and Mom and Dad had to cut the walk short.
13. Maggie likes to nap in the stroller when it is in the house, and sometimes she will sleep on the top of the canopy.

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