Saturday, September 13, 2008

PhotoHunt: Wild

Today's PhotoHunt theme is wild. Well, Huggy Bear had a wild adventure Friday afternoon -- his first stroller ride. He did very good in the stroller. Sure, he fussed a little bit, but I think everyone fusses a little bit on their first ride (I couldn't say since I haven't been out in the stroller yet). Mom and Dad were very proud of him. We're very proud of Mom and Dad for sticking to this walking thing (and taking us along).

Huggy Bear nervously licking his lips
Huggy Bear was a little nervous about his wild ride in the stroller at first. He was licking his lips nervously, like when Charlie Brown concentrates.

Huggy Bear talking during his stroll
Huggy Bear asked Dad "Are we home yet?" toward the end of the ride. I think he enjoyed himself, but I think he liked coming back inside where it was air conditioned, too.

Huggy Bear strollering
Despite being a little nervous, and being out with the wild outside smells and noises (barking dogs, chirping birds, cars...), Huggy Bear still managed to relax a little and enjoy his ride. Having the Kitty Kozy in there with him surely helped.

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