Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Birthday party

Since Monday was Josie and Huggy Bear's fourth birthday Mom and Dad made them a big 4 out of wet food (a rare treat for us) and we had a little birthday celebration. Mom and Dad were going to go out and get them presents but we had a crazy storm and they didn't make it to the store, so that'll be later in the week.

Huggy Bear and Josie's 4th birthday "cake"
Here is the 4 birthday cake. Dad's getting pretty good at these. I think the hardest part is fending us off.

Huggy and Josie share a plate
Josie and Huggy Bear got first dibs at the cake.

Maggie noses in
But Josie was nice and quickly made room for Maggie to get some.

Jasper finishes his snack
I got my own bowl and impressed Mom by cleaning my entire bowl.

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