Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tattle Tail Tuesday

This should have been a Tuxie Tuesday and a Tabby Tuesday all wrapped up in one talking about strollers and walks and good stuff like that. It was all planned with pictures of Maggie and everything. But then Monday's "Garage Incident of 2008" happened. I guess I'm partly to blame, but I'm putting most of the guilt on Mom. Here's what happened...

See, our prediction on the end of the garage embargo was correct. Come Saturday Huggy Bear and Maggie had persisted enough that Dad caved at allowed us back into the garage. So Monday morning Mom was giving us some garage time. She had an errand to run, and she saw that Maggie and Josie and Huggy Bear had come in from the garage. Now, I had been spending most of my time upstairs on the craft table (my new favorite spot) so Mom didn't even suspect that I was in the garage when she shut the door and turned off the light! And then she left me out there while she ran her errand. Then, once she returned, she called Dad and while she was talking she commented that Maggie was pestering her and biting her and been especially needy. Sounds like Maggie was trying to tell Mom something, if you ask me.

Suddenly, Mom realized that she hadn't seen me in a while and opened the door to the garage and here I come, trotting in. On the plus side, Mom did give me some Temptations.

Maggie begging at the garage door
This is Maggie doing her re-enactment of trying to tell Mom that I'm shut in the garage.

Jasper on his new favorite table
Here I am back on my new favorite spot. I guess I should just stick to the table for a while, huh?

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