Monday, September 22, 2008

Mancat Monday

I've been very good about sharing my blog with Josie and Huggy Bear and Maggie. Really, since I started this blog almost four years ago, Josie and Huggy Bear have played an integral part on my blog. But not this week. I have decided to take back my blog. This is The Week of Jasper -- all Jasper, all the time.

And what better way than to show off my Mancatliness. Here I am helping Mom and Dad make the bed. And the best part of making the bed is when they either fluff the sheets or puff up the pillow case to put the pillow in.

Jasper helps make the bed
I'm ready ...

Jasper getting the pillow case
Oh! Here comes a pillow case now!

Jasper vs the pillow case
That corner is just so close I can taste it.

Jasper helping
Almost there. I think this is it.

Jasper attacks the pillow case
Got it! It's all mine now!

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