Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Where else should she sit?

Since Mom's laptop wasn't available Maggie decided to sit on her iPad instead. It only makes sense, really.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Walking to end MS

Mom and Dad have a good friend who has MS. Their friend Nikki was diagnosed about nine years ago, and while she has been doing well recently, it has not been the easiest journey. Several years ago, Mom and Dad started joining Nikki for three mile MS Walk events in Marietta, Ga outside Atlanta near where Nikki lives. Three years ago Mom and Dad did their first 3-Day, 50-Mile Challenge Walk. They did the same walk last year, too, and this past fall they biked 100 miles over two days with Bike MS.

They are gearing up for their third 3-Day, 50-Mile walk, this time in Savannah, Ga. So far, Mom and Dad have traveled 227 miles and raised over $7000 for MS research and patient services. Well, it's fundraising time again, and while I don't do this often on the blog, I wanted to put the request out there for a little support. Mom and Dad each have to raise $1500 to participate in the 3-Day walk. This is one of their favorite events, but the fundraising is so challenging (more challenging than the 50 miles, for sure).

Any support is welcome and greatly appreciated. You can click here to donate to Dad, or click here to donate to Mom. (It's not a competition ...)

Thank you so much! We love the support we get from our amazing cat friends!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Cats cooking their food

So the other day Mom was in the kitchen prepping some meat for dinner and Huggy Bear was begging for some of it. Mom looked at him and said, "Silly Bear, you can't have this. It's not cooked." At the point she realized that you don't see cats sitting around a campfire like hobos cooking the food they just caught. No, we actually eat fresh raw food that we catch. Now we still didn't get any raw meat from Mom, but it certainly was a funny mental image.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Perfect napping spot

Huggy Bear thinks Mom's new iPad is a perfect spot to nap.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Secret Paws 2014

We got a wonderful Secret Paws package from Samantha Black!

Secret Paws 2014
Look at all these gifts! She really spoiled us this Christmas!

Secret Paws 2014
We didn't even know where to start. That Christmas tree toy is a lot of fun, and the snowman too. And we love all the balls!

Secret Paws 2014
Maggie didn't even want to wait until the wand toy was out of the package to try it out. She's impulsive like that.

Secret Paws 2014
Josie picked out a piece of tissue paper. The tissue had a nice nip smell to it too.

Secret Paws 2014
Look at all these treats! We're stocked. We've really enjoyed the Tumblers!

Secret Paws 2014
Huggy Bear says "Thanks for all our great stuff, Samantha!" She was even nice enough to send something for Mom and Dad. Merry Christmas! We love doing Secret Paws.

The morning after...

Dad left the box with the tissue in the kitchen so of course we played with it all night. (The laundry basket on the counter was to carry supplies to a friend's house so Mom could cook dinner.)

Friday, December 26, 2014

Secret Paws!

We got our Secret Paws package last week from Samantha Black! She did an amazing job putting together some great gifts for us, and even something for out Mom and Dad. I have a bunch of pictures that I will upload this weekend. Family was in for Christmas so it threw off my posting, but I just wanted to acknowledge the great gifts from Samantha. Thanks again! Merry Christmas to everyone!

And an awesome box...

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The truth is in the pupils

I had to go back to the vet again for a check-up -- hopefully the last one for a long time.

There was a talkative Corgi at the vet's right beside me. Let's just say I wasn't liking that dog very much today. Pupils don't lie. I was done. I had to huff at him several times.

And then the vet said he wants me to lose half a pound a month. I'm not sure how that's supposed to happen. Dad said something about putting the food away for part of the day. We'll see. I don't want diabetes either, so I'll do my best.

On the plus side, I'm getting better. But I'm done with these adventures. I'm ready to nap in my box in peace again.