Sunday, February 07, 2016

I'm feeling much better

Thanks for all the purrs. I am feeling much better. I was just out of sorts the other night and had Mom very worried. But Dad got me some cat grass and that seemed to help.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Not feeling great

I'm not feeling so hot tonight. I was a little dehydrated with some white spots on the edge of my nose. Mom and Dad tried to get me to eat some canned pumpkin because Mom read where that helps when cats are dehydrated or have upset tummies. So Dad put pumpkin around my mouth to get me lick it because I was dirty. I was a little constipated but finally used the bathroom. My breathing was quick, but now it has calmed back down. I seem to be doing a little better but I'd really appreciate some healing purrs just in case.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Taking care of Mom

Mom had been sick for about a week now, dealing with sinus crud and no voice, unable to kick it. So we have been taking turns snuggling with her to help her heal. It is an important job. Here I am keeping her spot on the bed warm. (Moments after this picture Maggie pounced me and made me leave. She can be such a brat.)

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Starting the new year off right

Josie is starting the new year off right ... napping in a sunny spot in Dad's spot on the couch. We hope your new year is restful and warm.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Our Secret Paws!

Our Secret Paws package arrived last week, but Mom and Dad made us wait until almost Christmas was here for us to open it. At least we got to sit on the box in the meantime. Melissa and Mudpie went all out on their first Secret Paws. We were very lucky to be their cats, because they definitely spoiled us!

Jasper with his new nip toy.
-flickr-embed="true"  href="" title="Our Secret Paws card from Melissa and Mudpie.">Our Secret Paws card from Melissa and Mudpie.
This is our card from them. So cute!

Thanks Melissa and Mudpie!
And the note inside...

HB was very interested in the treat mouse toy.
Huggy Bear was the first to inspect the box when we opened it. He was very excited about the Temptations Mouse treat toy.

Lots of treats!
And we got lots of treats to go in the mouse toy.

Maggie loves this ball!
Maggie loved this little fluffy ball from the tip of nip toys.

Jasper with his new nip toy.
This nip toy was my favorite! It's a lot like out old nip canes and cigars.  We all took turns with this one.

I have more pictures that I will post later but I keep dropping my internet connection so I want to get these posted before I lose it all... Thanks again Melissa and Mudpie! You did awesome!

They even sent stuff for the humans!
One more... they even included some goodies for Mom and Dad! So thoughtful...

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cat Lady Box

Mom received a Cat Lady Box around Thanksgiving and I have been meaning to give it a proper review on the blog. Dad had posted a picture on Instagram about all the cool stuff that came in the box, but until it has been properly inspected by a cat it really hasn't been properly inspected.

Cat Lady Box
We were super excited when we came home and found the Cat Lady Box on the front porch waiting for us. Mom and Dad quickly took it upstairs to investigate. Here is the anticipation picture ... with a few cool notes from Dorian.

Cat Lady Box
The first thing that caught Mom's eye when she opened the box was this super cute cat watch! Who can resist constantly checking the time when it has a face like that?

Cat Lady Box
Also, there was this great reusable shopping bag that declares "Cats are my Bag." Mom and Dad love reusable bags anyway, so you know this one will be used on the next trip to the farmers' market.

Cat Lady Box
We also really loved this sparkly cat keychain. I think Mom is going to put her work keys on this keychain so she is reminded of us when she is at the office.

Cat Lady Box
But one of the coolest parts of the Cat Lady Box is that we weren't forgotten, because what's a cat lady without her cats? The Cat Lady Box included a cool niptastic drumstick for us to play with ...

Cat Lady Box
... and these great Cloud 9 treats too! (These are definitely fancy treats because there's French writing on the label.)

We weren't really sure what to expect from the Cat Lady Box (a lint roller to get cat hair off Mom's clothes?) but I have to say we were very excited about everything that was included. And as a bonus, there's a BOX for us to sit in!

I know it's getting close to the order deadline for Christmas, but even if you miss that deadline, a Cat Lady Box a gift that keeps giving because you can subscribe and give that special cat lady in your life prizes throughout the year. And who wouldn't want that? Visit the Cat Lady Box website for more information about how to get your box of goodies.

You know something else that's really cool, you can even shop for stuff from past boxes that you've missed, like the Cloud 9 treats, mugs, jewelry, and t-shirts (this one's my favorite). Enjoy!

[I was not paid for this review -- I just really liked it and wanted to share...]

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Josie's spot under the tree

Josie loves to be under the Christmas tree. Mom was trying to get a cute picture of her when Huggy Bear walked a little too close and Josie made sure he knew that this was HER spot under the tree.