Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #35 -- Jasper tidbits

To continue the Week of Jasper, I thought I would do this Thursday Thirteen all about me, and share some little tidbits about me before there was Josie and Huggy Bear and Maggie. It's not that I don't like my brother and sisters, but this week is all about me.

1. I was named after the fat crook on 101 Dalmatians ... well, not actually "after" him, because I'm not a fat puppy thief, but more because Dad always thought that would make a good cat name.
2. I was adopted from a no-kill shelter in East Moline, Illinois.
3. I was born in the shelter and my mother was a Manx who was later adopted by a friend of a friend. Mom and Dad suspect my dad was Maine Coon.
4. The lady at the shelter had a rude name for me because I must have been a little mischievous but I've proven her wrong by being a super sweet mancat.
5. Although I was born in Illinois, I lived across the river in Iowa for almost two years before moving to South Carolina.
6. I went outside a few times on a leash, but didn't like the wind (first time out) or the snow (second time out). Snow?!? What were they thinking?
7. I once emptied an entire box of Kleenex tissues that was upstairs, bringing them downstairs by the mouthful to Mom and Dad. I was on a mission that day.
8. I have always liked sleeping in bowls, and will even now open a cabinet and curl up in a bowl.
9. I've always had freckles on my nose and lips, and Dad did research and found out that this is normal on orange cats.
10. I don't like riding in the car at all. Mom and Dad tried a test drive with me before we moved to South Carolina and I think I lost about a pound of fur in the car. (I don't think I'll ever be brave like Timothy when it comes to the car.)
11. When we were in Iowa Mom and Dad suspected a mouse was in the house. Although I never caught it, it was only seen once. I think it got sight of me and knew better than to come back.
12. My first day home Mom and Dad put me in the bathroom since I'd never been out in a house before. I unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper. That was fun.
13. I was the last of my litter to be adopted. I was waiting for Mom and Dad to show up. I'm just thankful that they saw the flier at the printing shop and that Mom was all "Aww.... aren't they cute? I want a kitten" and that Dad said "OK" and that they came on the day they did and saw the cutest orange kitten they'd ever seen and that that kitten was me.

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