Sunday, September 28, 2008

Easy Like Sunday

Thanks again to everyone who came by and enjoyed the Week of Jasper. I think it's time for me to find Josie and Huggy Bear and Maggie and see what they've been up to all week. It's been a nice week with the windows open, so we've had a lot of patrolling to do. I had to look around the house to see where everyone was.

Jasper contemplates the garage
Then I saw that the garage door. "Anyone out here?" And then I saw them! "That's where you've been hanging out all week!"

Josie enjoying the cool garage floor
Josie likes to stretch out on the cool garage floor.

Huggy Bear next to the boxes that will be a cat fort
Huggy Bear was sitting by the pile of boxes. These boxes were for a friend who was moving, but who never came to get them so hopefully one day they will become a super cool cat fort for us.

Maggie in her favorite high garage perch
Maggie is in her favorite high perch on top of some boxes. This is where she always goes in the garage.

Welcome back to the blog guys! I know you've got some pictures you want to share next week.

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