Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thankful Thursday

We received two awards on Tuesday (Two for Tuesday?)

Thanks to The Island Cats for giving us the Gold Card award!

I want to pass this along to Ginger, William and Scooby, Shaggy and Scout because they've been there since the beginning.

Sweet Praline passed on the I Love Your Blog award.

I'm supposed to pass this on to seven others. (I hope I'm not overlapping anyone.) First, Gandalf and Grayson for their interactive Tuesday stories, Four Furry Cats for the Story Chair, Victor and Nina, Chase, Kaze and Latte all together, Diva Kitty and the buns, meep, Twizzler and Bear, and PB&J! I could link everyone, of course, because I love all of your blogs, but I had to pick seven.

And while we're giving thanks, how about a big "thanks a whole lot" to Dad, who told Mom about the dead lizard he found in the poop room. We have a boot mat that is supposed to be to put your muddy boots, but since Mom and Dad have no muddy boots they have it in front of the litter box to catch the kick outs. Well, we hid the "overplayed with" lizard under the mat so Mom wouldn't find it. But Dad was cleaning up and lifted the mat and there it was, looking like a used up toy. He grabbed it real quick in case it was playing possum (can a lizard really play possum ... good question for Daisy) so Dad grabbed it with a paper towel and put it in the bag with the scooped litter. "Tough guy" acted so quick that he didn't even take the time to get a picture of our big game hunting.

So the "thanks a lot" is because, now that Mom knows of a second lizard in the house, that means no garage time until it cools down some and the lizards find some other place to hang out. (We'll see how long this lasts ... I say about a week.)

Huggy Bear guarding the garage
Here's Huggy Bear guarding the crack that lets the lizards (and spiders and frogs) in. He's been like a gargoyle in the garage guarding the two edges of the door whenever he can get in there.

Huggy Bear guarding the garage with Maggie snoopervising
Maggie's always ready to help in the hunt, but she's giving Dad that innocent, "I'm just watching" look. Since we've been banned from the garage, now we're just staring at random corners around the house to freak Mom out until she lets us back in the garage.

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