Saturday, August 30, 2008

PhotoHunt: Beautiful (and It's Football Time in ...)

...well, Dad wants me to jump up and down and finish the title with Tennessee, because, well, it is Football Time in Tennessee, but not really until Monday night when they play UCLA, and then not really IN Tennessee because they play in California, and then it's hard for me to know it's Football Time in Tennessee since we live in South Carolina, and it WAS football time in South Carolina Thursday night, for sure. I guess all I really know is we're going to have a lot more time to sit on the couch and get excited with Mom and Dad now that football season is here (and even better yet next weekend because we'll have the Vols and the Colts on TV!). Maggie's still trying to figure out what a touchdown is, and which team to cheer for. I've told her, it's the team that's the same color as me!

Now, on to our regularly scheduled Saturday post...

The PhotoHunters theme for today is an easy one for me, because the theme is Beautiful. They say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and I get to behold a lot of beauty because of my sisters. Mom said there were some "beautiful" pictures of me, too, but I insisted that since I am a Mancat that I am handsome, and not beautiful, and that those pictures will just have to wait for a "handsome" theme day (as of yet to be determined).

It was tough to pick just one "beautiful" picture of Josie and Maggie, so I went with pictures from yesterday.

Maggie sleeping with Dad
Maggie can be a little stinker sometimes, chasing and wrestling and even, believe it or not, bullying, so I think that she's most beautiful when she's sleeping.

I really love this picture of Josie. Her eyes were really green yesterday.

Hope everyone's football teams win today, and that Gustav steers clear of you.

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