Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Two for Tuesday

This weekend, Mom and Dad cleared out their walk-in closet and painted it to match their bedroom. They had to paint it because we won't let them keep doors closed. Since all the clothes had to come out for them to paint it helped them find some things that had gotten hidden in the closet. Dad has gone through a bad patch of blowing out the left elbow in some of his favorite work shirts, but it's a small hole, and nice shirts, so Mom has been trying to come up with something to do with these shirts.

Who's under there?
I came up to check out the shirts, but there's something not right about this pile of shirts.

Maggie napping under some shirts
Someone's napping under these shirts, I think...

Maggie under the shirts
It's Maggie! It looks like she found a great spot to nap.

Jasper and Maggie napping together
I think I'll Superman beside her and take a nap, too.

Jasper and Maggie cuddling
No, Mom, you're not dreaming. Maggie and I are actually cuddling together and napping (but there is a layer of shirts between us so we're not touching). Dad, you can go ahead and wear out a few more elbows because these shirts are great to nap on!

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