Saturday, August 23, 2008

PhotoHunt: Wrinkled

Well, I've been negligent on the ol' Photo Hunting lately, what with Olympics and visitors and all kinds of other excitement and laziness going on. So in a (triumphant?) return to Photo Hunters, I return to a theme of Wrinkled? This is a theme that was just made for Dragonheart and Merlin, not because they are old but because they show off their super cool wrinkles so well, especially Merlin sporting the tan right now.

We're kind of floofy, so you don't see wrinkles on us (and even if the girls had wrinkles, it would be in bad taste to point them out). So in the absence of any wrinkles on us, I ended up really having to hunt. I could have shown the obvious, the wrinkled shirts of Dad's that I was sleeping on, and I would have had I not posted the pictures within the last week. But I did find this picture that I really like.

Gold ball and paper
Josie and Maggie are playing with gold ball on the WRINKLED brown packaging paper. This paper came in a shipment that Mom got a while back (too long ago that she won't let us admit how long she's let us have a sheet of trash paper just lying around the house). You can see how we've wrinkled it up real good, lying on it, wrestling it, and just loving it in general. I hope Mom lets us keep this a little while longer, if only in the garage, because we love our wrinkled paper.

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