Thursday, August 28, 2008

Catching up on Thursday

We've really gotten behind on a few things and have been meaning to play catch-up.

Back on the 13th, Abby from Manx Mnews gave Josie the Cool Cat Award. Thanks, Abby. I think Josie is a pretty cool cat too, as sisters go. (OK, I've only had two sisters, so I don't have the biggest pool of experience, but she doesn't bite me or pounce me too much or make me cry like some other sister does, so I think that makes her cool.)

I've also been meaning to do the "Jasper Needs" meme, because it looks fun. So here goes:
1. Jasper needs a good home. I've lived in three homes, not counting the shelter I was born in, and I think I'm doing OK on the homefront right now.
2. Jasper needs a date. It's hard to date when you don't leave the house, but if any lovely ladies want to come over, Mom can cook up a storm.
3. Jasper needs to trim his unibrow. OK, that's just rude and a little personal.
4. Jasper needs help with a rental. I guess if I was renting something, I'd probably need help since I can't drive. But unless someone is renting out cat trees, I think I'm OK.
5. Jasper needs a playmate. I have a brother and two sisters, and they keep me busy (and I'm avoid the temptation to go the other direction with "Playmate")
6. Jasper needs to feel forgiven. Well, when I do bad I do like to feel forgiven. Wouldn't you?
7. Jasper needs to be fed every 2-3 hours. No argument from me here. I'm a grazer, so I think every two to three hours sounds good.
8. Jasper needs one of them. This also says something about "Save the robots" so I guess "one of them" refers to a robot. As long as it is a chin scritching robot, then yes, I do need one of them (or two).
9. Jasper needs time to heal. Especially healing my feelings, after being told I need to trim my unibrow.
10. Jasper needs to be more progressive and look outside of the box. OK, I guess I'm more of a traditional box curler upper and try to fit my entire body, including my head, inside the box, but if looking outside of the box while sleeping inside the box will make life better and make me "more progressive" then I'm all for it.

(These were essentially the top 10 of the Google "Jasper needs" hits out of 4,560,000. I guess, until this posts, at which point I hope this would come to the top.)

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