Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuxie Tabby Tuesday

Our Squillion arrived Monday and we were so excited. We sniffed around the box and helped Mom unpack it.

Josie with Squillion "Posie"
Here, Josie is sniffing "Posie" the Squillion. Mom thought Posie was a great name for the Squillion since Mom sometimes calls Josie "Josie-Posie" and Posie is a tuxie like Josie. Now we just have to find the right spot for Posie to hang out.

Last week I showed my volleyball skills. Maggie didn't want to be shown up and insisted I show her gymnastics skills.

Maggie does the balance beam...
Maggie has gotten very excited about the Olympics since she's been watching them with Mom. Here she is doing her balance beam exercise on the arm of the chair while I judge. I awarded her bonus points for not digging her claws into the chair.

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