Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #33: Punchlines

It seems that I confused some of you with what I was sleeping on in yesterday's Wordless Wednesday. There's this old plant stand that I claimed as my own when I was a kitten. It has a wire basket-style shelf that is very cool and vented and I really like to nap in it. But it did look odd and slightly uncomfortable in the picture if you didn't know what it was. Here's another view:

Brothers sleeping
This is me in the "cat stand" napping beside Huggy Bear.

I can't believe I've done 33 of these Thursday Thirteens. They are probably the most challenging of the themed posts that I do ... they really make my cat brain work. I think that's probably why I nap so much on Wednesdays.

It has been very, very hot in Columbia lately, which makes everyone even more sluggish. I think Wednesday was around 103 and today's supposed to be 101. So I'm offering for today's T13 thirteen different punchlines to this setup:

"It's hot in Columbia today."
"How hot is it?"
"It's so hot ...

1. ... the devil was seen complaining about the heat."
2. ... clocks downtown looked like they were from a Salvidor Dali painting."
3. ... Mom and Dad's excuse for not taking Maggie on a walk was valid."
4. ... I just need to nap all day."
5. ... Mom's tomato plants turned into sun-dried tomato plants."
6. ... you could fry an egg on the sidewalk. Seriously. Try it." ::rim shot::
7. ... that the neighbor's pool looks like a hot tub."
8. ... the asphalt road turned into a tar pit."
9. ... I'm desperately telling bad weather jokes that aren't even funny."
10. ... I can't even think straight."
11. ... Maggie and Huggy Bear don't even want garage time."
12. ... people are going into the steam room to cool down."
13. Oh, I give up. There's a reason why I don't tell jokes, much less try to make them up. I'm more of the set-up guy. Stay cool everyone.

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